Positioning Web

  • Once its page east Web list and working in Internet, the serious second step the positioning of the same in the first positions of the finders.

  • This demonstrated that the majority of the users of the finders does not happen to consult the search beyond the second page of results, reason why becomes necessary to be in the first positions of the finders to generate entrances of potential clients in its Web.

  • We will work positioning its Web under 3 different criteria search, for example if the thematic one of the Web were a bookstore, buscaria to position the words: Books, bookstores, Spain books or other options.

  • The first serious step to realize a study of which words but are looked for in Internet according to the thematic one of their Web and next to optimize its page Web for those words that want to position. Next estariamos discharging from the hospital its Web in different Webs, social planks of announcements, forums, networks etc to increase prestige of its Web in Internet and consequently to increase the positioning of the same.

  • Monthly we will be sending him a report on climbed of positions of its Web according to the different criteria or key words search that is esten positioning.


Guaranteed results

The contracted service is monthly and noncompometemos to the client to realize contracts with results in the long term.

Google objective

Our primary target would concentrate in positioning its Web in the first positions of the Google, the finder that generates the majority of the traffic in interet. The best publicity and but the economic one is to have its Web positioned in the first positions of Google.

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