Registry of dominions

  • Dominions .com .net .org

    They are the type of dominions but common in Internet and are called generic dominions. Initially these dominions were created for different applications: .com completion (Dominions with commercial character) .net Completion (Dominions for companies of Internet) .org Completion (Domnios for organizations) .info Completion (Dominions destined to pages of information to I publish ample) At the moment the registry of this type of dominions is free and can use anyone of them who this available one for the registry. This type of dominions is registered annually and the annual cost is of 200 pesos

  • .com dominions .mx

    They are territorial dominions, created specifically to identify Web sites of Mexico. Dominions for the .com completions exist .mx, and .org .mx This type of dominions is registered annually and the annual cost is of 300 pesos

  • Other dominions

    Also there are available other types of dominions that although are not but also used they have his utility according to the necessity, for example when you want a dominion that already this occupied can look for that dominion with a different completion. Examples of this type of dominions are: .tv .biz. .tel .eu. .us .ws and others but. The cost of these dominions varies according to the completion. For but information they can contact with our department of attention the client and we will solve any consultation to him

To consult availability:

This free its dominion?

In order to verify the availability of dominions, it can accede to the tool WHOIS that sends its consultation to the data base that contains the registered dominions actualemente.

Transfer of dominions:

Without additional cost

If you have his registered dominion and wants to transfer it to our company, we were in charge to realize the steps necessary to move the dominion without additional expenses of management.

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