In otmga we offer solutions to him outposts of Hosting in Mexico? with lodging plans Web with the most competitive prices of the market.

We have designed plans of hosting to each necessity. If it does not find one that adapts which it is looking for, solícitenos a customized budget. We offer technical support specialized for any consultation that needs, during the 24 hours, (7) the days of the week offering him all the necessary support for a correct administration of its account of hosting Web.

Like client of otmga, it will have all the average ones to maintain his Web working correctly in “Internet?. We offer services of Hosting Web in Mexico with the best relation quality - price of the market. Also we offer services of positioning “Web?, sale of dominions and design “Web?. Our objective is to offer him to a maximum quality in lodging Web to a reasonable cost making its available all our technical and human resources.



We offer a weekly test to him of hosting Web without commitment so that you can verify the quality of our service and to see the different functionalities from our Control Panel via “Web? C/Panel, the more complete Control Panel of hosting Web, for the handling of his account and management of post office.


Its service of " Hosting in Mexicowith otmga


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